Language training
I still can’t do it
Even after all these years taking after-hour classes, I still haven’t achieved the level I would have liked to have done. We were often put in groups with a lot of other people, which made it very difficult to practice speaking. It was either too theoretical or really just talking without any grammar involved. Actually, a lot depends on the teacher. Once we had this really great, cool teacher and then the year after, it turned out to be a disaster.
It doesn’t fit in my schedule
Every time I started taking classes, I noticed that after a few weeks I was already lagging behind. Made sense because once I couldn’t make it due to a meeting, I never finished my exercises because I had too much work to do, then to top it off, I had to go on a three week business trip. So, after that, I lost track completely. In the end, I quit, because it was just too frustrating and unrealistic, while I would actually love to be able to do it.
Our USP? No guessing!
We don’t do 20-hour package deals hoping that at some point you’ll make it to the level that you were aiming for, we don’t have a huge database to randomly pick a freelancer based on availability and most importantly, we don’t make any assumptions when it comes to knowing who you are, what you need and how your job or sector works.

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