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Spanish real estate agents don’t speak English
“We all know putting savings in the bank doesn’t cut it anymore. So, we’re definitely not the only ones looking for a good investment. The only stability? Real estate! More specifically in Spain! We heard so many good things that we wanted to try it out but without committing to it full time. Outsourcing to a local real estate agent! Until we realized they only speak Spanish.”
Problems with our holiday home
“With the houses in Spain being so cheap and the nice weather, we thought: You know what? Why not! Let’s by a nice holiday home where we can go to every year! But just like every house, this one also needs maintenance and things often break. We did not consider this AT ALL! How do you find a good craftsman, how do you explain the issue, etc.?”
Moving with the entire family
“What can I say? We’ve grown tired of Belgium. So, when the opportunity arose to move to Latin America for work, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by. Of course Latin America is quite far from home, nothing like the European mainland, so I couldn’t leave my family behind and asking them to come along without any preparation was unthinkable to me.”
Arranging everything before retiring
“Finally, retired! Oh, we had so been looking forward to this! We decided not to stay a long time ago. Some Spanish lessons after-hours to ease the integration; we came prepared. Perfect! Then there was the problem with the rental car… Suddenly it was our fault, we had to pay for everything! We felt so stupid! We couldn’t have possibly understood such a contract with the little Spanish that we had learned.”
This is what most people told us when they called upon the assistance of Hello Languages regarding English classes. Please bear in mind that this is not an exhaustive list. That’s why we won’t go too far into detail when it comes to previous customer’s experiences:
  • People who meet a Spanish-speaking partner and after a while would like to be able to communicate with his/her parents and the rest of the family but can’t do so because they only speak Spanish.
  • A Belgian employee/worker who is sent off to a Spanish-speaking area and the whole family needs to come along, which is why their kids and partner need to learn to speak the local language to integrate.
  • People who want to jump on the bandwagon of real estate in Spain, which is turning into a booming business, be it holiday homes, regular homes for those who wish to move to Spain before or after retirement or investments.
  • Retired people who can already speak some Spanish but are confronted with unforeseen circumstances or get mislead by local organizations. A few examples of previous students were signing car rental contracts, arranging for a place to stay, subscribing to activities or daytrips, etc.
  • People who have a holiday home in a Spanish-speaking area and need to arrange everything when something happens, like when the internet stops working, something breaks or there’s a power cut.
  • People who can’t afford to spend 6 hours a week in evening classes for the next 3 years before they’ll be able to speak fluently.

All our language trainings are tailored.


We can provide private classes, as well as small group classes at your place or at our office (Hello Languages, Antwerp).

and would like to do something about it!
What does the training entail?
All our language trainings are customised. We can provide private classes, as well as small group classes at your place or at our office (Hello Languages, Antwerp).

Since all our classes are made-to-measure, we don’t have a general class system with traditional lessons. Here are a few important elements to keep in mind:


The absolute maximum number of participants is 8 people per group, but we usually try to limit groups to 4-6 participants. Seeing the importance of keeping the training as discrete and specific as possible, we usually ask the collaboration of the academic institution or the department. That way we can create the perfect groups.


Most people try to make their own group of 4 where everyone has the same level, the same availability and the same wishes. If someone is looking for group classes, but does not have his/her own group, we will check if it would be interesting to create a new group. In this case, the group can only start once there is a minimum of 4 participants. This can go very fast sometimes, but this can also often take a long time.


Students decide for themselves when it would be best for them to have classes. In case of private classes, only the student and the teacher need to agree about the schedule. In case of group classes, it’s important that the entire group agrees about the weekly schedule. We teach every weekday from 8am to 10pm or on Saturdays from 9am to 4pm. Please bear in mind that Saturdays and evenings are extremely popular and often fully booked.


Just like the schedule, students decide how often they would like to have classes. We do work with sessions of 1 ½ hours to 3 hours depending on the concentration span of the student, seeing as this usually leads to faster progress. Most people choose to have one or two classes a week. The duration also depends on the level when starting, the learning patterns (to see how fast the student can pick something up) and the desired level at the end (the objective).


An intensive course is only possible for private classes or for students who come as a group on their own. Please note that we select these students very carefully, as an intensive course is not to be advised for just anyone.


  • For now, it is not possible to apply for a visa or for educational leave by taking language classes at Hello Languages. If, on the other hand, you work for an SME, you may be eligible to apply for up to 50% subsidies. For more information, we would gladly refer you to our business page.
What do our customers have to say?

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