Proofreading for students and teachers
Start over due to language mistakes in thesis
“I know that my thesis content should have been better but it had been such a tough year for me and I could only just barely finish in time. So, I knew it would be a hit or miss, but when they told me that I could have avoided having to redo my thesis by paying more attention to the language (there were a lot of mistakes and better ways of explaining what I meant), I was extremely disappointed.”
Uncertain about presentations
“I wouldn’t go running off to a proofreader for every presentation but for my thesis defense I wanted to have the perfect presentation, text-wise, lay-out wise, everything. To be honest, it wouldn’t be the first time that I was sitting in class and couldn’t help but think: ‘Hm, that ppt-presentation could use a refresh. It would be so much easier to pay attention and to study.’”
Our article was refused
“As a professor, it is of the utmost importance to frequently publish articles in reputable journals. This can often lead to stress. This time, however, we were convinced we had nothing to worry about. Needless to say, we were very surprised when we did not make the cut. Apparently, they found our writing style unclear and by then it was already too late to call upon the help of a proofreader.”
The syllabus was full of mistakes
“During our Master program (which is completely in English), many professors refer to syllabi for self-study purposes. While the content is fine, the level of English is just so horrible that foreign students ask us what is actually meant. Usually this problem is easily fixed by translating back to Dutch and then trying to make sense of it, but even so, there are times when even we don’t understand.”
What do we offer?
Hello Languages is still primarily an education and training centre, so teaching is still our main activity. However, a few of our teachers are also translators or proofreaders. Soon customers started to realise that it would be easier to ask us for these services as well, since we already knew their business, their personality and their style personally, which is why we decided to go along with it and open this new division within Hello Languages! We only translate from languages that we master at very high level to our mother tongue(s). Text revision aka proofreading will also only be done by native speakers.


  • Dutch
  • English (UK & US)
  • French
  • Spanish & Catalan
  • German
to discover our team’s and our translation partners’ specialisations?
What kind of things do we proofread and what do our customers ask us to check?
It could be anything, a short paper or a thesis, a presentation or a group assignment, an academic publication, an entire textbook or a syllabus. Feel free to have a look at our team page, where you can get to know our proofreaders and their specialties. Of course, this is only to give you a general overview. We always look for the best solution along with our client. Therefore, we are not afraid to say no when we notice that what the customer is asking for doesn’t correspond to our specialties.

Important! SME Portfolio and Brussels Economy and Employment do not grant subsidies for proofreading and text revision. All our trainings, on the other hand, can be subsidized for up to 50% if your SME is eligible.

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