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Head of translations
"the adventurer"
Tanika Kenens
Founder & Main trainer
"the challenger"
Trainer Spanish & Catalan
"the cultural one"
Copywriter French
"the determined one"
Trainer Dutch & German
"the compassionate one"
Sam - 1
Trainer Dutch, French & English
"the artist"
Jennifer 524x596
Trainer Dutch & French
"the passionate one"
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Welcome to Hello Languages
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It all started with the dream of changing the language industry.

August 2013
Tanika Kenens founded Hello Languages
How Tanika ended up teaching languages and starting Hello Languages is actually a funny story. Feel free to ask us if you’re interested in knowing. Just a little teaser: it was a six-hour challenge.
September 2015
The entire concept changed
After freelancing for a while, Tanika noticed that she wanted to be different from other language companies, that sending out a sales person to then show up and teach the basics of a language based on some information on a sheet of paper didn’t suffice. Read more below.
July 2016
Paula joined the team
Success also started taking its toll and Tanika soon realised that it was impossible to keep up with the evolutions of four languages all at once. Paula’s spontaneous application came just at the right time as she soon became the first partner in crime.
Philosophy, strategy and mission


We won’t bore you with the details of which universities we all graduated from and all of the specialisations we did, nor will we tell you how much experience we’ve got to try to convince you to join a class with us. What we will tell you, is that we all share the same dream, that we are all (sometimes brutally) honest and that despite the fact of this being our job, we will never sell people what they don’t need, we will guide them straight to their goals, no detours, no surprises, just them, their situation, the language and us, a small team of young, dedicated language experts willing to take them there.


We are all trainers, not sales representatives, so we look at all our students as people who suddenly need to do their job in a different language; as people who feel lonely, lost or frustrated in Belgium because they don’t speak the language; as people who are looking for a job but can’t find one without the adequate language skills; as people who are scared to give a presentation. We look at them as people who are asking for help, who have a story to tell and who are looking at Hello Languages for a solution to their problems. We may not always have the answer, but we will always be willing to listen and provide them with honest feedback, so that no one has to feel trapped in their own situation.


Even though we focused on more than languages from the very beginning, we changed our strategy to an even more personal, tailored approach. Before discussing any possible classes, we plan a meeting to try and understand the other person’s situation. We discover every necessary detail together, such as personal preferences, learning patterns, cultural differences, how fast they would progress with which method, where they would be using the language, with whom, what would be expected of them, if there is any specific terminology involved and how their competition took to the market in the region they are aiming for, etc. This strategy was developed so that every student can instantly apply what they have learned, gain confidence and would not have to wait for years to become fluent.

Partner Team
VALERIE @ Vocal Coaching
Vocal coach & body language i.a. for presentations.
"the inspiring one"
ANJA @ Dutch Your Way
Dutch for non-native speakers
"the energetic one"
Translations and proofreading
"the thorough one"
MIRELLA @ Belgian Academy of Culture and History
Expat integration
"the explorer"
Would you like to become a part of our team?

Teacher legal French

Teacher legal French

Requirements: Degree in languages, legal background, relevant experience in teaching, detail-oriented, interactive teaching, creative, can easily connect with adult students who work at law firms or companies, Brussels-Antwerp area.

Teacher French, with experience

Teacher French, with experience

Requirements: Degree in languages, relevant experience in teaching (during studies also counts), strong phonetic and grammar skills, creative, interactive teaching, can easily connect with expats, Antwerp area.

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